The Push You Need To Become A 

Give us 1-2 months of your time. Most likely you'll walk away with a newfound foundation of trading and a FUNDED Account.


Don't look at how much it costs. Look at how much you potentially could make or gain just from being here for 1-3 months. 


It's about to get real dark. It's not a game in here.  

This is the ONLY place in the world where you'll find:

1) Swaggy C trading in real-time where he will be trading LIVE in front of you WITH his reasoning and not merely placing buy & sell signals behind an app without you knowing why this particular trade is important. He will go over wins-losses post trade as well.

2) A place where you can connect with other traders and communicate with them as opposed to everyone in a Telegram group just waiting for the next callout.

3) A platform that gives you all the tips and strategies needed to pass your funded challenge!

Name me a community that has ALL THREE. You can't. We're the ONLY one.

All live sessions are recorded and you can gain access to over 200+ videos immediately upon joining to start learning and backtesting. This will continue while your membership is active as new sessions are recorded almost daily. 

Need I say more!? 



We are traders who are passionate about finance, trying to give newer traders across the globe the best experience possible; thus creating this exclusive membership welcoming all styles, trading right in front of you while also helping you grow in your own individual journey!

If I'm getting in a trade, I'm alerting you immediately. If I believe the market is heading in a certain direction, I'll give you a signal. If I'm making or losing money, you'll see my screen. If you need help getting funded instead of funding your own account, I'm here for you. I will help you with your trades and personally answer any question  you have; accelerating your trading career. This all starts with real-time trading and real-time knowledge.



We have a mobile app. Not one that's on hold. Not one that lags. One that once you purchase, you immediate will be given instructions to download the mobile app. Keep your notifications on so you know when Swaggy go LIVE, or respond to your private message, or share a video, you're alerted immediately.




You could be next.


 This isn't your standards "community" group for traders. Despite having an amazing community inside where you can message other traders, we actually don't just give signals in a Telegram group chat. We explain our reasoning. We jump on live to show you us executing these trades in REAL time. We do it all. See our chart breakdown below!

This could be the difference between spending 5 years trying to learn this market, and finally grasping it before this year ends...

You could be next. Our goal is to shorten your learning curve. By trading with us, we believe we can do just that. Just give us a few months.