The Live Trading Lab is a membership-based platform. You can select a monthly or annual membership. All subscriptions will automatically renew unless the subscription is canceled.

All subscriptions can be canceled at any time. 

Since this is a subscription-based platform, no refunds will be issued under any circumstances. You can cancel your membership VERY EASILY at any point with no pushback. NO Refunds For Purchases Made During a Sale.

Qualifications for a Refund: 5-Day Sale Special ONLY (September 5-10, 2023): During this limited-time offer, customers who make a purchase are eligible for a refund under specific conditions, including but not limited to: 

  • Content-related issues: If the content provided does not meet the promised quality or does not match the description, customers may qualify for a refund.
  • Services not as advertised: If the services received are significantly different from what was initially advertised, a refund may be considered.
  • No signals were called during that month: In cases where trading signals were not provided during a specific month, a refund for that month may be granted.

What Does Not Qualify for a Refund:

We believe in fair and consistent treatment for all customers and would like to clarify that our policy does not cover personal preferences, general changes in life circumstances, or other reasons that may be unique to an individual. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Preferences for specific trading strategies, decisions to stick with existing strategies, or being overwhelmed with the amount of content results.

  • Personal discoveries of alternative personal interests.

  • Realization of the challenges associated with trading.

  • Specific content expectations that are not within the scope of our services, if they were not advertised.

It's important to remember that the above-mentioned reasons, while valid in personal or professional life, do not align with our established refund policy. Our aim is to provide valuable content and services to all our customers, and we encourage you to utilize our community and resources to help enhance your trading journey.


Please note that these policies are designed to ensure fairness and consistency while providing the highest level of service. If you have any questions or concerns about refunds or any other aspect of our services, our support team is always here to assist you. We appreciate you and look forward to continuing to serve you.

We cannot guarantee profits as you will be taking signals at your own risk during the live-trading sessions and when signals are posted! It is at your sole discretion. We are merely showing you the trades we're taking or thinking about taking & your account is your sole responsibility.

For any other inquiries, feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected]